Leading with collective wisdom development program

1.dets 2019 - 30.juuli 2021

The aim of the project is to promote participatory democracy, inclusive governance, civic awareness and the capacity of non-governmental organizations in Estonia. In the course of the project, the knowledge and skills of management models based on collective wisdom, such as sociocracy, holacracy and self-organizing organizations, will be brought to Estonia. Trainings on the methods of sociocracy and holacracy will be organized, development work will be carried out to create training on innovative management methods within the Gaia Academy, and the pilot of the established management training will be implemented in 3x 3-day modules. As a result of the project, local Estonian-language information on common management methods will be disseminated in Estonia; the training program will be completed, which will be offered to the target group on an ongoing basis; ~ 80 active citizens and ~ 25 NGOs have acquired knowledge and skills to apply management based on collective wisdom and self-organization. The project partners are Teeme Ära SA and Let's Do It World MTÜ.